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15 July 2021 Marriott


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The forum is central event in Beyond HR ’s portfolio that aims to unite the business community and mostly HR professionals who directly or indirectly manage the labor market. The event should serve as a kind a medium that should initiate a comprehensive and constructive discussion of the most current topics when it comes to the labor sector as well as its direct implications on the operation of companies as well as the economy as a whole. 

The debate that will be enabled by the Forum should result in conclusions and possible solutions to the mentioned challenges faced by the corporate sector as well to produce initiatives for overcoming them through active cooperation between relevant stakeholders. 
An a additional benefit for all participants In the Forum is of course the direct access to the latest information, ideas and methods in the operation for this industry as well networking with prominent representatives of the corporate and public sector with whom you will have opportunity to share their experiences as well as the challenges they face.

Draft topics for the event panels: 

• Education as a basis for building the intellectual capital 
• Formal education and skills acquired: does it affect, whether it is appropriate, how to improve, what can HR do from companies? 
• Non-formal skills training  
• Brain drain – a problem that can be overcome with human centric HR methodologies  
• Why do young people leave? The problem of leaving after a few years work?? 
• How can HR attract young people to stay in the Companies 

15th July | Hotel Marriott | Skopje