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To keep up with the times we must be open to continuous education


To keep up with the times we must be open to continuous education .

Ariana Koskarova is the founder of Creative Hub Macedonia and as one of the relevant representatives of the education sector in Macedonia will moderate the panel dedicated to education as a basis for building the intellectual capital of companies, within the first Beyond HR Forum 2021 which will be held on July 15. held at the Marriott Hotel in Skopje.

On July 15, the Macedonian capital Skopje will host the first Beyond HR Forum 2021 which will bring together the most famous names in the field of business and human resources in Macedonia. Today, 24HR had the opportunity to talk to Ariana Koskarova, one of the moderators of the forum, who will tell us a little more about the topic of education and what awaits us at this central event for human resources.

Is the key to building successful companies in Macedonia hidden in the quality education of young people?
Exactly! Without human resources the company is just a registered number. People make the company. Will you work with individuals who are continuously educated and invest in personal growth and development or with “disinterested” individuals you can expect such success from the company.

What does the profile of a young person look like after completing his formal education? What is it that he lacks that makes him a ready-made staff?
Scared! I think this is the most appropriate definition for all those who are on the verge of graduation. You are not confident in your knowledge because you have not used it in practice. You have no work experience. You do not know what will be expected and what will be required of you. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a ready-made staff, the world is changing every day. To keep up with the times we must be open to continuing education.

Where is Macedonia in terms of formal education?
Macedonia lacks a practical part in non-formal education. As well as a little more skills correlated with what is required in the job market, and less theoretical knowledge. But we are here to make up for it.

Can non-formal education fill the gaps in formal education?
Of course yes, because of the rapid opportunity to adapt to what the labor market requires. There are also collaborations with companies, the opportunity to learn from professionals in senior positions from these companies, real projects, networking, etc. Our Academies in Creative Hub are world accredited which makes the staff additionally competitive not only in the country, but also abroad.

How can HR professionals and businesses support that process?
The HR department is the one that should stimulate the growth and development of the employees. He is the driving force behind growth and development. It can act as a motivator, but also directly as a process implementer for each employee.

What will you talk about at the Beyond HR Forum 2021 which takes place on July 15 in Skopje?
At the forum I will moderate the topic that suits me best, and that is “Education as a basis for building human capital in companies.”